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One problem I find with the game is the loading time. But I`m not the biggest fan of the "click here" function in the sex scenes doesn`t really add to the "interactiveness" of the game and overall just distracts from the action. I actually thought a threesome would have been possible. I also really love the song and bonus points for Drake`s hilarious face while cumming during sec with Cloe.I can deal with it the first time, but I want to perfect the thing all the way through and I have to restart it to do so. Ps: If you guys take the katy route don`t lock the door ;) i tried many combinations i found only three endings pls anyone howmany endings are possible or if theres threesome i`ve seen pictures of this game both girls together any possibility for threesome or possible walkthrough sry for bad english don`t know if this took last time: but only complaint that i have, is when you go to the dance with Chloe, you still have to sit through the opening scene of the dance with Katy... After seeing how much the two girls hated each other, I though they could have turned it around. Cloe is my girl of choice and I played it again just for her ending. Okay so this game is officially one of my favorites! This was a great simulation game and I hope to find more games as good as this one.You are the key subjec of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong.The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted.

The fate of the Talos I and everyone aboard is in your hands.It aint worth it # Gitty up bout ya hog That movie IT that coming out soon looks like a good scary type flick... (Rickey smiley/Bernita Jenkins voice ..) ACCORDINGLY.. the one thing I've always wanted before the music and the popularity is to be married to the woman who I've always been in love with from childhood.on that note let me forewarn NE 1 that thinking of donning clown make up and creep out of dark shadows,tree lines or anything else of that nature. if it never become reality I'm fine with being alone."I carry a S&W 40 caliber w/10 in clip, 1 in chamber... I just have my music to leave behind me as my legacy. It is the perfect balance of delicate and practical .