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Omega Media er en viktig samarbeidspartner for Uno-X Energi som har laget gode nettsider for flere av våre forhandlere.

Soldiers, sailors, nurses, firemen - Ooh, they're gorgeous!

You are most welcome to join us, however, if you are more than 2 years over/under the age range then we would advise you to choose a more suitable event for your age.

We aim for an even number of men and women in attendance so that everyone has an equal experience. I'm just outside the age range specified for an event. You will not be turned away from an event if you are 1-2 years older or younger than the specified age range.

For this event, we ask that you be in the age range of 35-50ish.

If two people select matching categories our team will provide each of you with each other's email addresses to make contact. You only match if you mutually select each other and it's a great way to meet new friends if nothing else!