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In de eeuwen vóór de wetenschappelijke revolutie werd in Europa de ouderdom van de Aarde vooral bepaald aan de hand van gegevens in de Bijbel.Ook tegenwoordig accepteren een aantal, vooral conservatieve, religieuze groepen alleen schattingen van de ouderdom van de Aarde die gebaseerd zijn op theologische gronden.Volgens de hindoeïstische kosmologie wordt het Heelal gecreëerd, vernietigd en opnieuw gecreëerd in een zichzelf oneindig herhalende cyclus.Elk universum bestaat ongeveer 4.320.000.000 jaar (deze periode wordt een kalpa genoemd en staat voor één dag van Brahma, de schepper) om daarna door vuur en water te worden vernietigd. -- After the Warriors served the Cleveland Cavaliers up with a 126-91 thumping Monday night, vocal Golden State leader Draymond Green disagreed with Le Bron James' assertion that the teams aren't rivals."Yeah, I think this is a rivalry," Green said quickly, not allowing a reporter to finish his question. A team that you beat, beat you, it's definitely fun.If you look at the last two years and this year, we've been the top two teams in the league each year, and so I look at it as a rivalry, and it's definitely a fun game to play in."But I don't really care if anyone else sees the game the way I see it.

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They have no notions of sexual—and sometimes even romantic—love. They may make a Childhood Marriage Promise with their best friend just because, and even pretend to get "married." Older kids generally have a basic idea of the birds and the bees, but still have to deal with raging hormones and lots of confusion.

He would be haunted for a decade, even when he was playing his best golf.

On the eve of the final round of the 2011 PGA Tour stop in Las Vegas, Na went to sleep tied for the lead. His mom was staying with him for the week, cooking his favorite meals. "I woke up that morning, and I was so pissed," recalls Na. " Still he went out that Sunday and won his first Tour event, justifying the long, hard journey that began 10 years earlier, when he turned pro after his junior year of high school.

While having this kind of crush is more often associated with girls, it is also common to portray boys as having this kind of crush.

Usually, nothing ever comes of it—at least not until the character in question is much older, and even then, it still might seem a bit Squicky to some.