Updating smoothwall kernel

Great thanks to the team and Copfilter users for all tests,improvements and additions.

This new CD contains Smoothwall Express 3.1, a refresh of version 3.0.

The LAN was hidden from the public network by NAT, applied using ipchains.

Beginning with 0.9 in August 2000, the Smoothwall GPL 0.9.x series went through several versions based on the 2.2 Linux kernel, culminating in 0.9.9 SE in December 2001, which was probably the most popular GPL release.

Be sure to create a backup of your system before applying this update; it does not preserve the former kernel(s) because newer programs won't work with it correctly.

A side effect is that the new kernel supports newer hardware; but be aware that linux 3.16 was released during August 2014, thus Update8/SP3 may not support the latest hardware. Please read the release announcement in the Smoothwall Express forum.